Sarah Sadler – Operations Manager

Sarah Sadler

Portner & Shure
7226 Lee DeForest Drive
Suite 101
Columbia, Maryland 21046

Keeping a law office running that yearly recovers over $10 million dollars in awards for accident victims throughout Maryland and Virginia and has posted million dollar awards in multiple cases, is no easy task. I implemented the Needles program in 2002. The change enabled the injury firm to efficiently handle personal injury cases using the latest leading technology. For example, the software enables the firm to track the tendencies of all the major automobile insurance carriers, and gives the firm complete data on past offers and verdicts with each adjuster and automobile insurance carrier.

I've been with Portner & Shure now almost 18 years and I understand what makes the firm attentive to clients needs and makes us competitive in the marketing place. I work directly with the heads of many different divisions, and help with the placement of all internet advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) and ROI. In this regard, I was instrumental in redirecting hundreds of thousands of dollars for our yearly advertising budget from the yellow pages to Google and the internet. I have learned to adapt to a rapidly changing business world that has affected where people look for the best top rated injury lawyers throughout Maryland and Virginia.

I am happy to say that our firm is not resistant to change. In fact, our personal injury website, which is updated daily is now a leading source of information for automobile accident victims a and source to go to for personal injury attorneys. I helped the firm develop and maintain over twenty-five Maryland and Virginia criminal defense and personal injury blogs, all of which are uploaded on a weekly basis.

While my aggressive style has aided the firm in obtaining over one hundred fifty millions of dollars in injury awards, I think my biggest asset is my interest in always getting the firm at the forefront with the latest technology. I believe that clients are best served by a firm that is current with both the law and technology.